Professional cleaning services take care of life’s biggest messes. However, this valuable work comes with risks to cleaners. Companies have cleaning industry insurance for protection. Industry workers, though, face multiple dangers in the course of a day’s or night’s work. The most common cleaning industry hazards fall into specific categories.

Chemical Risks

Not surprisingly, cleaning formulas contain dangerous ingredients that can harm workers if touched or even inhaled. Environmentally friendly or green formulas also can be harmful if not used correctly. Employees need to know how to handle and use chemicals and how to work safely with them to prevent problems such as toxic fume buildup.

Physical Risks

Some of the heavier equipment and tools used for cleaning can be dangerous if employees do not know how to use them properly. Mops and brooms require employees to stoop and bend frequently. This can cause physical strain if employees are not given adequate breaks.

Biological Risks

Mold can pose serious dangers to cleaners if they are not taught how to correctly handle and dispose of these toxic substances. Likewise, infectious pathogens, bacteria, and viruses are hazardous.


Stress and tension may not sound like a danger, but employees must feel secure at work. With adequate training, safe working conditions, reasonable working hours, and good communication with supervisors, employees feel more secure.

Cleaning industry insurance offers coverage for the special needs of this field. With the right coverage, company owners can focus on minimizing or eliminating worker risks. As the saying goes, prevention is the best policy.