Crucial Information and Advice on Abnormal Weight Loss

If you are currently depressed, and are taking depression medication, abnormal weight loss may be a symptom of this disease. Depression can actually cause people to lose their appetite. Apathetic symptoms may also occur including not having the will to even make food. If you are constantly staying up at night or unwilling to even go outside, more than likely you are severely depressed. Being depressed is like any other illness, complete with symptoms and potentially negative outcomes that can affect friends and family. A clear sign of depression is weight-loss that is extreme in nature. After it is identified, medical doctors have many ways of treating depression effectively.

If you suffer from a gastrointestinal illness, it is possible that you may also experience extreme weight loss. Many fear that if they lose a lot of weight they have some form of cancer which is only one possibility out of many. Ulcerative colitis is one possible cause for unexplained weight loss along with inflammatory bowel disease. If you feel that your appetite has changed, and there is pain involved, especially in your abdominal region, seek medical attention to determine what is going on. By keeping track of how you are feeling, you can have your doctor determine what is wrong. Don’t worry too much as most illnesses are treatable even if they are chronic in nature.

Once you uncover the cause of the weight loss, you can then take care of the issue. Any physical illnesses will definitely need attention, then a look into your personal issues. There are some foods that may enable you to put on some of the weight you didn’t want to lose. To a degree, you almost have the ability to “cheat” if you’re on a diet to gain weight. The most recommended foods for healthy weight gain are dairy products with a whole milk base, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Of course, you should still seek to eat a healthy diet and avoid junk food and empty calories. To get the benefit of wholesome calories you should eat unprocessed dairy products, whole grains and nuts.

The bottom line is to seek medical attention if abnormal weight loss occurs. Get a proper diagnosis from a medical professional to determine what is going on. We’ve looked at some of the possible causes in this article, but you need the advice of a medical professional to be sure. Your doctor may recommend taking a few routine tests to make sure your health is okay.

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