Determining Rates In Sports And Fitness Insurance

Sports and fitness insurance rates depend upon a number of factors. Whether you are the owner of a business or are a trainer or some other kind of fitness instructor, you will have to consider exactly what kind of insurance you need in order to keep your practice protected. For instance, in addition to policies that pay liability insurance, you will also need to look into policies that will cover punitive damages in the event of a lawsuit. You also need to take into account the elements that will help you lower your insurance rates.


You need to look at what assets you will need to protect under your policy. If you are a personal trainer, yoga instructor, massage therapist or some other specialist who works directly with patients, you definitely want to look for the professional liability insurance that protects you from various claims such as negligence, personal injury and even sexual harassment. However, as someone who owns a facility, you may also have to look at other kinds of insurance such as commercial property insurance and general liability insurance.

There are other elements of sports and fitness insurance rates you need to consider when you have your own facilities. You need to have your equipment covered in case of damage or break down. In addition, you want to have some liability in case a client is injured with your equipment. You need to protect your property in case of accidents such as flooding or fires as well as theft or vandalism. Even if your employees have their own insurance policies, you will still need some professional liability insurance for any work they do under the organization.

While you are considering what types of insurance you need, you should also consider how you could lower your rates. For instance, you can join a fitness association that will provide you with discount insurance rates. Otherwise, you may have to show proof of certification in order to get lower rates from a more conventional insurance provider. Since you may already be required by state law to have some coverage before you are allowed to practice, you just may be starting out with a clean record, which can help since you have no claims.

There are other factors you should consider with sports and fitness insurance rates, especially if you are looking to switch policies or you need some additional coverage. As you look for a good policy, you need to examine what type of professionals an organization covers because some may cover instructors in aquatic exercise or qigong but not certified athletic trainers or competitive athlete coaches. No matter your insurance needs, you have to find a provider that can accommodate them as best it can.

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