Different Types Of Permanent Magnets

There are metals or alloys that act like magnets when they are magnetized or when they are in the present of a magnet. They are magnets that are magnetized on their own without the need of the presence of other magnets. These magnets are called permanent magnets.


There are different kind of magnets such as the magnet used to post notes on refrigerators doors. Ferro magnetic refers to the property of magnets being attracted to other magnets. These are the most common types of magnets and they are also found in motors.

There are different elements that are magnets on their own or that are natural permanent magnets such as lodestone or iron ore. The earliest use of magnets started in ancient China as a navigational aide. Magnets are part of common electronic devices such as stereos, vehicles, assembly lines and power tools.

Permanent magnets are broken down into different categories. Some of these are alnico, rare earth and nano magnets. Ceramic magnets tend to brake easily and they require special treatment or coating in order to avoid braking. The most advance magnets are nano magnets. They are more powerful and they are smaller. Rare earth magnets are popular today since they have better properties than the rest of the other permanent magnets. However, nano magnets are being sought after also.

Magnets hold special places in everyday life. They are important in communication, transportation and even in the medical field. They are used to help people find their way around, in motors that help move goods and people around and even in computers that help people communicate.

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