Do You Have PRL Articles That You Haven’t Used? Tips On How To Use Them For Marketing

Do you have a pile of PRL articles sitting unused on your computer? Most people who have been involved with internet marketing do. Why not put them to good use in your marketing efforts and attempts to develop backlinks to your money sites? Keep in mind that well written PRL articles can be a valuable source of content for your websites, providing of course that you use them in the right way. Here are some easy ways to use PLR articles:
Re-write the articles and post them to article directories.
The important thing if you decide to do this is that you thoroughly re-write the content it make it original. The end result needs to be that your new article is unrecognisable from the original. Once you have done this, you are ready to submit it to article directories and include a link back to your website. Article marketing is a great way to get backlinks to your website and create interest in your topic.
Package your PRL articles into a report.
PLR articles are perfect to be packaged into a report or eBook. Assemble 20-30 articles which are based around your proposed topic and turn each one into an individual chapter. Let’s use blogging as an example. Locate one of your PRL articles that give an overview of blogging, add another that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of blogging, put in another article which discusses blog monetization strategies and build from there. You will want to work on the articles a little, deleting repetitions of similar information, and I suggest adding an introduction. It may take you an hour but it’s far easier than writing an eBook from scratch.
Use PRL articles as autoresponder emails.
Another great way to use your PLR articles is to send each article as a message in your autoresponder email sequence. Again, you will want to tweak them a little so that you are talking directly to your subscribers, and make sure that they relate to the niche and topic.
PRL articles are great for blog content.
While this is a great use for your PLR articles, the most important point is that you re-write them and make them unique to your topic and blog. You’ll want to adapt your articles to your main topic as if you were submitting them to article directories as original articles. You don’t want to be posting a lot of duplicate content onto your blog.
These are some basic and simple ideas on how you can use your PRL articles. They can be valuable tools for your internet marketing program.

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