Do You Know The Technology of Flat Iron CHI?

flat iron CHI

The flat iron CHI is manufactured by a business named Farouk Systems Inc, based in Houston. The brand name is from the chairman, Farouk Shami. His or her primary mission is to give fellow hair artists a safe place of work that is free from unpleasant chemicals damaging the particular hairs. Farouk produces high quality hair care and health spa products that are liked by many these days. CHI is unique and stands out as a brand because of its technology. Farouk Systems believes that through innovation, we can offer the hair stylist and consumer truly unique products that out perform anything else in the market.

CHI Technology

CHI 44 Ceramic

  • Farouk Systems is the only tool manufacturer with this unique compound
  • Ceramic compound with 44 inorganic substances
  • Moist heat with consistent temperature
  • Produces far infrared and negative ions

Far Infrared 

  • Deeper penetration from the inside, out
  • Dries the hair from the inside out, with up to 50% faster drying

Negative Ions 

  • All farouk CHI hair dryer produce negative ions which helps create a better environment for the stylist
  • Improves moisture and shine
  • Reduces frizz and static electricity

Low EMF 

  • Regular hair dryers emit up to 20,000 mG
  • CHI Hair Dryers emit a considerably lower amount
  • Creates a safer working environment

Nano Silver 

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