Dubstep Beats

Dubstep artists are unlike any other artists in virtually any other genre of music. This is true for many reasons, but the main reason why these artists are normally referred to as DJ’s is completely dependent upon the artist himself. Dubstep has few barriers and endless space for creativity and plain awesomeness. Let’s start with the basics.

Dubstep artists use a lot of bass. Let me rephrase. Dubstep artists ARE bass. If bass was a food, these artists would be eating it. If it were a drink, they would be chugging it, and if it were a plant, dubsteppers would be smoking it. Not only is there a blasphemous quantity of bass in every Dubstep drop, but it also wobbles. If you don’t know what I mean by bass “wobble” by now, stop reading this and go listen to some Dubstep.

These artists come from all sorts of backgrounds, putting forth music rooted in almost any desired genre. This means classical, reggae, and even metal. It can be hard trying to find the right type of Dubstep artists for you, especially in America, but research is a good start. There are many Dubstep scenes and opposing point of views, so it is good to know exactly what you are listening to.

Lastly, there are no famous, celebrity Dubstep DJ’s following what’s popular simply to make money. This is a genre of pure musical energy. It’s all about bringing the rave to level 10. Whichever artist can keep the party going and the bass wobbling will work just fine.

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