Each Individual Is Unique by Todd Rutherford

It’s mind boggling to think about how many people are, and have been, in the world, and yet, no one in the world has the same identical make-up-mentally, cognitively, physically, and behaviorally. We are each unique and each of us can offer so much to those around us and beyond. The truth is that each of us has more potential locked inside than we realize.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to discover our true talents and passions have reached what author Jeff Caliguire calls “the convergence.” It seems that when we reach this state of the convergence, not only have we made important self-discoveries, but we are intent upon pursuing a particular calling without distraction. In his new book, The Convergence, Caliguire reiterates this notion, stating that the people living within this convergence are, “not concerned with what others think of them or of what they do. Instead, they believe they have a purposeful task and they get to do what they’re uniquely suited to do in roles that fit them.”

Not only is reaching convergence therapeutic, but it is also liberating. It frees us from the pressure of seeking life and career paths that we were not meant to pursue, allowing us to freely follow a calling that was meant to be. Also, success is in the making when we reach convergence-the success that comes from knowing that we are on the right path. Caliguire puts it plainly, “You live in your own skin. You let your life speak. Live your own life, not someone else’s or something less.”

Instead of accepting the talent that we were destined for, we were conditioned to aim for six-figure occupations. From childhood, the individual is buried in expectations-from the parents, from friends, and from society.

Living in the convergence is far more than beating out a friend on a test or getting into the best school. It is about comparing yourself to your talents and determining the compatibility. Self-doubt will always linger when the measuring stick is your hero, who has achieved perfection in his or her own field. Nevertheless, Steve Jobs states it best, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

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