Ecuador Real Estate Insider?s Report

Still, this negative point itself is a positive for foreign investors. The prices of Ecuador real estate for sale and Ecuador rentals are very low, compared to several other countries. Hence, the international real estate investors would be able to buy a lot more property in Ecuador for the same amount invested in any other country. The tourists to Ecuador feel that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the Americas. The real estate in Ecuador is flourishing in areas such as Ambato, Atacames, Azogues, Chimborazo, Chunchi, Cotopaxi, Cuenca, Esmeraldas, Galapagos, Ibarra, Imbabura, Ciudad La Troncal, and Loja. Macas, Machala, Manabi, Manta, Milagro, Oriente, Otavalo, Playas, Portoviejo, Salinas, Sucua and several other charming cities, towns, and villages also offer terrific Colombia real estate listings, apart from the capital city, Quito. Individual homes, vacant lots, farm lands, and beachfront properties are available at unbelievably low prices, when international real estate for sale prices prevailing in the US and European countries are compared.

The prices of real estate in Ecuador had been improving in the last few years and the appreciation is likely to continue during the coming decade. A two-bedroom condo in the historic center of Quito, capital of Ecuador is normally priced below $55,000. In the city center of Cuenca, the same type of 2-bedroom property would cost less than $40,000. This would clearly indicate that the Ecuador real estate prices are among the most attractive in the international real estate market. If you are thinking of Ecuador rentals, a single bedroom, furnished apartment in the richest neighborhood of Cuenca, situated on the Tomebamba River would be available for a monthly rental rate of $350.

A countryside land of 2.5 acres with several fruit trees, fresh water source, and a traditional 5-bedroom house in areas like the Valley of Longevity, was recently purchased by an international real estate investor for $60,000. This clearly proves that any investment in Ecuador real estate for sale or in Ecuador rentals is likely to be highly profitable venture. The investor should not look for overnight property value appreciation and instant profits. If the investor takes a long-term view, then Ecuador real estate listings is the best option one could have on the international property market scene.

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