Evaluating Network Marketing Business Opportunities

A friend has been conversing with you about a brand new network marketing business opportunity that they are involved in. You wonder if you shouldn’t check out this business as well, but where do you start prior to making the decision to commit yourself to this company or business. Researching network marketing business opportunities is a crucial step in choosing the right multi level marketing opportunity for you.

The very first point of evaluation that should be conducted originates at your mirror. You need to look at yourself first and ask some serious gut level questions. Are you willing to dedicate yourself to this business? This question goes well beyond merely enrolling as a distributor. Statements like “I’ll try this for a couple of months” or “I’ll just pay the distributor fee, but not purchase any product” demonstrate a lack of dedication and implies that you are not ready to begin a multi level marketing business. At the center of this question are deeper questions. Will you faithfully use the company products and become a loyal user, not just a distribution point? Will you follow the company’s education process and commit to applying the skills, tools and methods that you are taught? Will you make a commitment that is unwavering to the establishment of your business? What this question is really taking into account is your resolve to not quit, no matter how disheartened you might be at any given moment. This question also analyzes the size and scope of your dream. Simply getting your bills paid off is not a large enough dream to keep you going, you need something much bigger, something much more inspirational to inspire you. Finally are you willling to invest into your business? This investment is composed of both monetary investment and the investment of time. If you are not willing to pour your heart and soul into your business, it will go nowhere. If you are reluctant to spend money on the resources and tools that will make you profitable, then you should not even consider taking the plunge.

The next evaluation point involves the company itself. Not only will you be representing the MLM company, but they will represent you as well. You want to consider their reputation in the market place. A simple Google search provides you with a great deal of information on public sentiment towards a particular company. A search of the Better Business Bureau records will also give you an indication of consumer complaints against the company and their products. Next take time to take a look at the distributor agreement. Are there clauses in the distributor agreement that could be damaging to you and your business. What are your rights as a distributor and do you have a voice in the affairs of the company? It is also good that you examine the financials of the company you are thinking about. Are they experiencing growth in sales? Is the company ladened with a high degree of debt? Do they have adequate capital to weather challenging economic times? Study the top officers of the company and see if their record in prior business undertakings has been good or bad.

After this you will want to examine the pay plan. Is the compensation plan a stairstep, unilevel, binary or matrix? You need to look into the number of generation levels you are able to draw commissions from. You will also want to examine things like breakaway options in a stairstep plan and strong leg/weak leg conditions in a binary plan. Be sure that you are comfortable with the way the plan works and understand how you get paid. You will want to examine personal and group sales volume quotas and the way they impact your commissions and your promotion inside the compensation levels of the plan.

The final point of evaluation is the actual line of products. Will you use the products regularly? Do you have confidence in the products and their advantages to such a degree that you will naturally want to share them with others. Your conviction about the services and products of your company is key in your sales efforts. Little or no conviction and belief will show in no time to your prospects.

Researching network marketing business opportunities does not have to be extremely complicated. A little due diligence on your part can be the beginning of great success, or it can prevent you from making costly choices. Remember, that ultimately your network marketing success rests on your shoulders and the time you spend in evaluation will help you find the best match for your personality and dreams.

Judging network marketing business opportunities always starts with you. Let Carl Willis teach you a step by step process for developing profitable network marketing business opportunities using proven systems and strategies.

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