Experiences With Reincarnation Regression

Reincarnation refers to the birth of the immortal soul of man. Although there is much speculation about whether this theory is a fact or not, documented proof remain throughout history of many religious and ancient cultures whose beliefs and doctrines developed centering on this belief.

It is said that it just changes the body after the previous one wears out with age. A theory that is shrouded with skepticism, it should also be noted that various religions and cultures in this world have developed around this core belief.

The process of reincarnation regression can be jumped started in various ways. One commonly used method is hypnotism.

It is believed that if a person is placed into a hypnotic trance, he or she will be taken to a higher plan that allows the to undergo a spiritual awakening. This awakening then allows the past experiences of their soul to come back.

In some cases the mind is able to recollect memories of many such rebirths that the soul had had in the past. It goes on to recollect the pivotal moments of these lifetimes specifically the deaths that they had faced. In most of the cases, these past deaths have been found to be associated with the present fears and phobias that the individual possesses now.

During the hypnotic process, the person never enters an unconscious state. During the process, individuals have their thought processes channeled to help them focus on various aspects.

While an individual is in a trance, the hypnotist will ask specific questions regarding the past, focusing on rebirths the present soul has experienced. During this process, there are times that rather startling information is revealed that could be what causes certain triggers in the present lifetime.

Some skeptics guess that such information is forced onto the individual during the hypnotic state. They may claim that such ideas are planted in the mind during the process. However, this is not true. Witnessing the entire process helps to understand that these skeptical thoughts and claims are untrue.

Most people attain the trance state in their first regression session where they give answers to the basic questions asked.

Studies show that when again asked a different series of questions in later sessions the responses and the information given by one particular individual has always been the same.

Another method that is often used for reincarnation regression is known as hypno-kinesiology. This process was designed to combine muscle testing with general hypnosis. While they are in the hypnotic stage, they are checked for any variances of their reflexes to help determine their past life secrets.

Hypno-kinesiology is often seen to work better for some facilitating them in their path to Reincarnation Regression. Skeptics however are of the view that the responses are provoked and usage of such methods persuades the individual more about believing these results.

For many people, the answers they find in regression are triggered by particular words, sounds and scents. For example, for many individuals the smell of a home cooked meal or viewing any particular broadcast can trigger the memories of past life events.

Instances such as these can be scary and this is what leads one to such individuals who are experts in this field of study.

The walls that prevent us from opening up our minds and hearts to Reincarnation Regression are created from our own belief system because many fear that our spiritual belief system would then bring up more questions than solutions to it.

Thus it can be concluded that Reincarnation is neither Black Magic nor any evil practice.

Rather it is a path of self enlightenment which people should undertake keeping their respective spiritual beliefs aside. Once undertaken they will realize that it is only a path of self discovery and eternal peace which will lead you to know who you really are and the reasons behind each problem and fear that you have in your present life.

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