Extraterrestrials Invade Sci-Fi Movies, Books by Todd Rutherford

The recent lunar eclipse was a reminder that we should be looking to the stars, whether to spot an impending invasion or to plan our escape from a dying planet. This year, the mini-theme at the movies and in many of the newest science fiction thriller novels is extraterrestrial contact.

On February 4th, I Am Number Four, debuted. This is an intriguing story in which a seemingly ordinary teen (Alex Pettyfer) is pursued by deadly visitors who know about his out-of-this-world identity. Then on March 4, Apollo 18 blew the lid off the moon-landing cover-up, and proposed the real reason for our space program.

On March 18, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) teamed with director Greg Mottola (Adventureland) for the comedy Paul. Seth Rogen is the voice of the title character, an alien who rides out of Area 51 with some Brits in an RV.

In March, Crysis: Legion adapted Crytek’s popular video game, Crysis 2 into a novel, written by Hugo Award-nominated author (and ex-marine biologist) Peter Watts. Watts’ characters and tone tend to be dark and mysterious, keeping the audience guessing.

In a recent sci-fi thriller, Time is of the Essence by Aldo Paredes, the main character is an alien, along with his centuries-old protector, who has been living on earth for thousands of years, appearing to be human, while chronicling human history as it occurs. An evil alien who is pursuing the pair is also responsible for many of the evils of the world-past and present.

Time is of the Essence has the main characters racing against the clock under the threat of bombs that are set to go off around New York City. They must divulge secrets to their alien enemy or risk devastating consequences for humanity. This must-read is in a league of its own and will certainly keep the reader thoroughly engaged to the end.

Another recently published alien-invader novel is March in Country by E.E. Knight. This science fiction novel about human resistance to alien invaders is ninth in the Vampire Earth series. If the lunar eclipse has put you in the mood for a little extraterrestrial entertainment, these books can be found at Amazon.com. Or if you are a movie fan, look for Transformers: Dark of the Moon (July 1) and Cowboys & Aliens (July 29) to be released in theaters this summer.

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