Facts About Gerber Legendary Blades

Gerber Legendary Blades is a series of knife products manufactured by the Gerber Company in 1939. Along with innovative knives, the Gerber Company is also known for its survival tools and other outdoor equipment.

The Gerber Legendary Blades were made with the collaboration of Gerber and legendary knife designers all over the world.
The knives from Gerber are known for its fine craftsmanship, durability, reliability and uniqueness. Gerber was among the first to manufacture push button and bolt action knives. They also introduced revolutionary changes in handle design, coatings and grips of several survival tools and knives.

You can easily purchase a Gerber knife at any outdoors store. If you ask around a store clerk for a survival knife, he will probably hand you over a serrated edge Gerber knife made from stainless steel. Aside from these, you can also purchase folding knives, straight blades and other blade configurations made of several materials such as ceramic, carbon steel or titanium.

One of most sought after Gerber knives is the Mark II. Mark II is the official combat knife issued by the military during the Vietnam war. Since then, it was reinvented and reintroduced in the market twice, once in 2000 and again in 2008.

Because of its excellence, many consider a Gerber knife as a collector’s item. Several celebrities such as Bear Grylls and Mel Gibson even use Gerber knives in their movies. Even survival experts prefer Gerber knives more than any other type of blades. So if you are looking for a knife or survival tools that youn depend your life on, choose Gerber Legendary Blades

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