Facts about Insurance MD

Even if you are not a property owner, you do need insurance in Maryland. Tenants are exposed to several risks and investing in insurance is the best way to avoid incurring a full loss. Insurance MD for renters is there specifically for the protection of people who rent townhouses, condos and apartments. Your total savings could be wiped out if have to replace damaged items or those which were stolen. Therefore it is important to understand the protection given by renter’s insurance.


Coverage of Personal Property

It is mandatory for landlords to have a property insurance which is in force all the time. Such coverage will help in repairing the structure and replacing furnishings of which the landlord is the owner. Renter’s insurance MD is important because the above coverage does not cover your personal belongings and you will have to bear the full loss if you do not have this coverage. A proper inventory will help determine the coverage you require.


When a third party gets injured because of your negligence, then a good coverage in such a situation would be liability insurance. This provision in your renter’s insurance will give coverage for defense expenses and for settlements as per the policy’s limit. The standard coverage is $100,000 in policies of renter’s insurance MD.

Use Loss

When the rental structure is fully damaged, you will have to pay for your accommodations somewhere else, and you can only move back when the property is fully habitable again. Coverage of Use Loss will pay for increase in you rentals until your original rental accommodation is rebuilt.

There is a lot of important coverage provided by renter’s insurance MD and therefore it makes sense in getting a good policy by contacting you agent.

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