Financial Safety In Life Coaching Insurance

The idea of Life Coaching is a new career mode and practitioners are finding it a good idea to carry Life Coaching Insurance. In spite of this growing career people are still confused about its job. Although people think Coaching and Counseling are the same, there is a difference. Counselors have invested years in training and Life coaching requires no certification but some do invest in obtaining a Certificate.

Life Coaching Insurance encourage people to stop procrastinating. They do no tell people what to do but encourage them to work on what they have decide they want. A Life coach helps a client set the environment to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.


A question and answer session helps a client to focus on their goals. The Coach can pin point the difficulty with pushing forward. This is not an overnight procedure but requires focus. A client may not be pleased with the results and may want to sue the Coach; this attitude may require the financial protection of Life Coach Insurance.

Motivating a client and helping them focus is the assistance a Life coach gives but the change is ultimately determined by the client. A client must overcome his or her life’s hurdles.

Fees in this line of work change with experience, costing from $50 and increasing with the task taken on. Christian Life Coaching is one of the many forms of these career choices, Health and Wellness is another specialty. Life Coaching Insurance can be obtained for any of these categories and more.

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