Finding Affordable Health Coverage In Stow Ohio

To find affordable individual health insurance Stow Ohio residents must do a bit of digging, just like everybody else. Health insurance can be tricky to acquire, and has become a hot button issue for politicians, families, and individuals. If your employer does not currently provide insurance options, you are not necessarily doomed to be without it. Finding quality coverage through a private company at a reasonable rate is not impossible.


Difficulties of Private Insurance

Private health insurance often comes with many unattractive characteristics. Some of the problems associated with these companies include the following:

• Cherry-picking-This means that companies choose to only cover the healthiest individuals of whom they can expect the fewest claims.
• Loopholes- Insurance contracts often come with a great deal of fine print, which may give companies the right to exclude you from coverage if certain conditions, that you may or may not be aware of, are not met.
• Coinsurance- One of the biggest annoyances of private health insurance is the issue of coinsurance. This may be 20 or 30 % of your expenses, or even 50%.

These are just a few of the issues faced by customers of private health insurance companies. Often times, they do not even realize the situation until disaster strikes, and they really need help with bills.

Asking customers who responsibly pay their premiums to pay a part of their medical expenses after they have met a multi-thousand dollar deductible seems a lot like thievery. Those without employee group coverage have little choice in the matter, however. For those needing individual health insurance Stow Ohio residents know that some insurance is better than none at all, as you never know when you may have a drastic medical issue.

Finding Affordable Coverage

Although every private insurance company is going to try to generate as much profit for itself as it can based on your business, there are ways that you can lower your costs. Choosing a higher, but reasonable deductible is one way to do that. A deductible of $1,500, for example, will give you a much more affordable monthly premium than a $250 deductible. Also, if you are on reliable birth control or are done having children, be sure to remove your maternity rider coverage, as this will save you at least $100 per month on your premiums. You can also reduce your payments by stopping use of cigarettes, and by maintaining a healthy body weight. Obviously, you cannot change your medical history, but you can live a healthy lifestyle now.

As many pitfalls as private insurance has, there is no doubt that the majority of people need some kind of health insurance. You may only need a hospitalization plan, or you may need more coverage including free well check-ups. You might also need prescription drug coverage. With the right research done, you can probably find individual health insurance Stow Ohio residents can afford.

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