Finding Collectible Car Insurance

The most important piece of your modified, antique, or collectible car is the insurance policy. Specialty cars require special insurance. If your collectible vehicle is damaged or lost, having the right insurance could save you lots of money. Everything from muscle cars to kit cars can benefit from specialty insurance. Collectible Car Insurance covers unusual items that traditional insurance doesn’t cover like travel, car shows and emergency assistance. The owner and insurance company establish the vehicle’s values in case of catastrophic loss.


Multi-vehicle owners may qualify for a discount. And, depending on where you’re from and what insurance company you use, there may be other discounts and addendum. A “no attendance” rider covers you in the event you leave your car at an auto show. As always, shop around, read reviews and get yourself the best deal you can find. With a customized policy, you can tailor your insurance to your needs. Just make sure to avoid deductibles and mileage limitations. You can find a policy for almost any custom vehicle.

While insurance for collectible cars has been around for a long time, many collectors don’t take advantage of them and miss out on their unique benefits. Insurance for specialty cars can have a premium of as much as 500% less than standard policies. Standard policies just don’t measure up to specialty policies. When shopping for policies, don’t just look at price look at the whole picture. Find an insurance provider that truly understands the needs of specialty vehicle owners and the cars they love.

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