Fitness Insurance Explained

Gym owners and trainers can insure their businesses by taking fitness insurance. This is because there are people who are overly passionate about fitness and they likely to get hurt while exercising. Some of these injuries are very costly and complicated to treat. If clients get hurt at a commercial gym, they are likely to file a lawsuit. Irrespective of whether you own a popular gym or you are an independent trainer, having liability insurance will save you a lot of money in the long term.

In the seventies through eighties, commercial gyms became increasingly popular. Health clubs and spas emerged almost everywhere in the country. However, insurance companies considered gyms as hypothetical undertakings and therefore did not provide insurance. The first fitness company was founded in 1985 and the business has continuously expanded ever since.


First, you must be certified to instruct other people in a public gym. That aside, accidents are inevitable. For instance, in 2008, it was reported that over 14,000 head accidents occurred in the gyms. Even such low intensity exercises like aerobic dance resulted to an average of 11 injuries for every 1, 000hours of exercise. Some of these accidents are caused by individual exercise behavior while others result from defective equipment or wrong instructions. However, a professional lawyer can convince the court of the facilities liability. This is the reason why fitness insurance is so essential.

Personal trainers and corporations are eligible for fitness insurance. Big gym franchises take fitness insurance that covers their equipment and employees. Therefore, you should select the best fitness insurance that fits your situation. Some companies will let trainers take accidental insurance to cater for their medical bills in the event of an accident at the gym. A number of factors determine the cost but regardless of the price, fitness insurance is very essential in the fitness business.

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