Fix My Wet Cell Phone

Do you have a wet cellphone? Listed below are some ideas to help you fix your wet mobile cell phone. They don’t always function a similar every single time, but it seems to be the consensus which if you follow this guidance, you stand the greatest luck of conserving the wet mobile or portable mobile phone.

Take away The Battery pack

Eliminate the power supply now! Don’t hold out for the phone to change off or any various explanation. Guarantee that supremacy in the telephone is absent as soon as possible.

Clear The Cell Cell phone Using Water

I understand doing so looks quite unorthodox, but you could try and run some type of distilled h2o (maybe from a faucet or bathtub) through the mobile phone so which all contaminants in the liquid you got the phone wet using are removed. If you fallen the mobile phone in distilled water, you can skip doing so step.

Get Some Rice And Use It

Grab a bag rice from the pantry. Arrange it in a bowl. Open up your wet cell cellphone up so that it has its optimum surface place divulged to the rice. Doing so does not imply consider the cell phone apart by any means. Arrange the your cell phone that got wet in the rice so which the rice is surrounding the cell phone.


Doing so is the worst part. Wait 2-3 nights before attempting to reinstall the electric battery and boot it up. If the phone can be seen to be lagging or is stalling on startup you may want reemerge the cellphone in rice and wait around some more.

Voila! Or Not

This technique for fixing a wet cellular cellphone works most of the time, but on rare event it may not. If this doesn’t do the job, you may be capable to take the mobile or portable telephone apart to salvage it, but this is from my comfy advice range. If you are pondering concerning leading your mobile phone apart, merely call the store where you acquired the mobile phone and ask them for their guidance. They may have most way of desiring at it for you and helping you.

Hopefully this article helped you learn fix your wet cell phone how to fix your wet cell phone. I used this same strategy to
fix my wet cell phone and was successful.