Food Poisoning Symptoms and Remedies

At some stage in our lives we all suffer from a bout of food poisoning, some more severe than others. A bacterium is the general cause of food poisoning and again can come in many different states and types including salmonella and e coli which are some of the more commonly talked about.

It is true that food poisoning can be fatal, but this is in very severe cases. Usually, a bout of food poisoning will clear up and deteriorate after a few days. Although in the early stages it can get what might seem quite severe.

If your symptoms continue to seem severe after a week or so, then it is advised to seek advice from your doctor if you have not done already. Even when food poisoning is in its early stages, a visit to the doctor can be beneficial too, as they can prescribe antibiotics to aid in a speedy recovery.

So, when it comes to food poisoning, what are the main signs and symptoms?


Vomiting and a general feeling of nausea is one of the main symptoms of food poisoning and it is advised not to eat or consume anything to solid when you are experiencing this. In most cases, consuming solid food will just come straight back up.

It is important however to continuously drink water though to avoid dehydration that can form from the following symptom.


Diarrhoea is another common symptom of food poisoning, and unfortunately, there isn’t a lot you can do about this one except sip and continuously drink water to avoid becoming dehydrated which is turn can cause more severe symptoms.

Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps along with the two common signs and symptoms above can again be a common occurrence in someone suffering from food poisoning. They can be quite severe, and it is advisable not to eat solid food while this is happening, as this can promote and increase the occurrence of them.

These are generally the three most common symptoms of food poisoning. It is not uncommon to suffer from all three when going through a bout of food poisoning.

There are other minor symptoms that can happen too such as headaches, fever like symptoms and an aching back, but the three above are the most common.

Remember, food poisoning should clear up in most cases after a few days. If symptoms persist or turn more severe, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor, as food poisoning in some cases can be fatal.

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