Francois Richard’s Music in Your Head Reveals the Secrets of Piano Memorization by Todd Rutherford

Piano memorization can be a long and arduous process. Regardless of how long you spend memorizing your score, the risk of misremembering always exists. There are countless books and experts in the trade that can train you; however, the extensive time and financial investment can be avoided by simply picking up a copy of Francois Richard’s Music In Your Head.

Raised in Paris, Richard has dedicated over fifteen years to researching piano memorization. Helped by the most famous pedagogues and artists he got a thorough understanding of the nuances of practice and memorization.

Music in Your Head is a compilation of the author’s vast array of knowledge and experiences. In crystal-clear format, Francois Richard reveals the secrets of piano memorization and helps users of all levels build a solid foundation.

Alluding to the works of famous composers, Francois’ Music in Your Head provides techniques that will not only prevent common memory lapses, but also instill a level of confidence in the individual. For instance, Francois references the words of his master teacher, Harold Martina: “Do not try to impress the audience with your virtuosity, but with the genius of the composer.” In other words, set your ego aside and focus on delivering the mesmerizing feeling of the music from your head into the ears of the audience. Bring your piece to life for the audience!

Music in Your Head dispels the myth that one can only practice during lessons or during a set time each day. On the contrary, music can, and should be rehearsed everywhere, for example, before you sleep, while you are at work, even on the subway. In Francois’ case, he even rehearses while running on the bike path along the river!

Ultimately, for the music student, it’s all about building self-assurance through mental practice and conscious mind activity. There is no better way to avoid elusive mental mistakes than by knowing your score inside and out. The once daunting theory of mental practice is simplified when it becomes part of your lifestyle. The secret of piano memorization is to focus on sound and the inner ear, while understanding the role of different memories such as visual, analytical, tactile, and aural memories.

Using these secrets of piano memorization, Francois Richard’s sole purpose for writing Music in Your Head is to convey complex information in the simplest way possible.

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