Freelance with BiddyOn!

BiddyOn is a freelancing website which is not only, easy to use but also offers the serious freelancer the best opportunity to make money either on part time or full time basis. The popularity of freelancing is ever popular now days, thus you should not be left out! But what steps do you need to follow to get started?

Signing up at BiddyOn is the first step for any freelancer who would like to get a freelancing account with BiddyOn.This is done free of charge and it takes just a few minutes and you are done! You will need to fill in all the necessary sections that concern your personal details and also choose your area of expertise. This is very important as you will not be able to bid a project which is out of your selected area of expertise. It also helps shoe potential employers what you are capable of doing since some of them may want to look at your profile at the BiddyOn site.

After signing up for a free account, you are almost close to placing your bids but before that, you will have to purchase the necessary Bid packs which come in different denominations. You have a wide choice to choose from since Bidpacks exist in different values with the lowest being $5 for 5 bids. If you would like to place unlimited bids, you will have no option but to charge your account with $199 which will offer you complete freedom to place your bids without any capping placed.

After charging your account with the BidPacks move ahead and place your bids but you should consider some factors before bidding. Consider your ability and frame an application which will stand out from the pack! You should not exaggerate anything as this may have some negative effect on your application. State what you can do and also come up with how you will have the work done. This is very important as it will help boost your chances of success!

If you are chosen an s the winner of your bid, you can proceed on to carry out the task with the required levels of diligence. This is very important! Always follow the instructions and work with high levels of professionalism. Freelancers fail because they do not communicate with the employer quite often. This can be avoided by providing update on how you are progressing with the task. Ask for clarifications when there is some doubt over something.

After you are done with the work and have received your payments, you have the chance to post feedback detailing how your experience with the employer was. It’s important that you be honesty as this review will be relied by other freelancers who would like to work for that employer in future.

BiddyOn is such a simple to use and very friendly to the freelancer. You can be pretty sure that you will achieve your financial goals with this freelancing site. Visit their website at:

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