Frequently Asked Questions about Automated Medication Dispensing Systems.

Question:How the Canna Medbox and other marijuana vending machines work?
Answer: Vincent Mehdizadeh’s Canna Medbox features a convenient touchscreen ordering system, allowing the customer to chose their prescription and pay for their purchase quickly. Though, upon first use, the system may seem more complicated than your everyday snack or soda machine, after a few uses, purchases may be made quickly and with little effort.
Would it be legal to employ a prescription selling machine?
Answer: Unauthorized persons cannot get cannabis from the prescription vending machine. For example, the Canna MedBox allows only those patients who are registered with a medical marijuana dispensary and who have valid membership cards and whose fingerprints are already fed into the vending machine. These safety features of the vending machine make it possible for the genuine patients to get their medical marijuana and prevent marijuana from falling into wrong hands.
Question: What do these machines do to make sure that cannabis dispensaries obey all the medical marijuana legal regulations? Response: These machines make it simple for all customers by making sure they have their medical marijuana card and that all transactions are documented. Prescription vending machines maintain records carefully and accurately. The medication dispenser does bookkeeping automatically, which makes it simple for marijuana dispensaries guarantee that they are following the proper procedure.
If you want to know if prescription vending machines will be a common sight in the days to come to regulate and record the sale of medical marijuana, the answer is yes. Apart from being quick and easy, they reduce the burden of the dispensaries and this fact makes them cheaper too. It is also convenient for the governing bodies to conduct inspection whenever they want to.
How do employers feel about employees who are using medicinal marijuana?
Fourteen different states have legalized medical marijuana, as well as the District of Columbia. A number of different states are thinking about making it legal to use cannabis for medical purposes. That said, some people still face bad consequences if they use marijuana regardless of whether it is legal or not.
Many employers are still blind to the fact that marijuana is legal for certain prescribed patients, and have falsely fired employees and denied applicants who failed a drug test, even though those victims had the legal right to smoke while employed there.
This is a consequence of partaking in medicinal marijuana that is unfortunate and is not expected to last. A lot of people who use it don’t take to the time to think about this consequence. People shouldn’t avoid taking their legally prescribed marijuana because they are worried about problems at work, but in order to make sure they are protected they need to take some precautions.

Medicine Dispensing System is a touch-screen machine that is placed inside your neighborhood Medical Cannabis Facility (Collective) and offers a touch-screen user interface that allows you to choose from many varieties and quantities.

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