Get Counselor Malpractice Insurance For Protection

Any professional in the field of mental health is at risk of facing a lawsuit from a client or even from another counselor. It does not matter how conscientious or knowledgeable the mental health counselor may be because there are many people who are quite willing to file legal claims even when there is no substance to the claim. The mental health professional would then be faced with the necessity of paying a lot of money to mount a legal defense, and even more money if damages are awarded to the complainant. For this reason all professionals in this field should carry adequate counselor malpractice insurance. This will protect the practice and the reputation of the counselor. Counselor Malpractice Insurance will protect mental health professionals from negligence claims or other harms alleged due to acts or omissions.


Always check the requirements of state licensing boards to see the requirements for coverage before purchasing a policy. Having the right kind of policy and coverage is a necessity before the professional can start to deal with any clients. A policy that is carried by the employer is designed primarily to protect the employer in case of a lawsuit. Therefore it is generally advisable for each professional to have individual coverage for the practice.

Since counselor malpractice insurance is mandated, the next question is to decide how much coverage will provide adequate protection. Any professional faces the risk of being sued, and even a frivolous lawsuit will require a response and a defense that will cost a lot of money. Having adequate coverage with counselor malpractice insurance provides peace of mind.