Get Individuals To Read You Over And Over Whilst Creating Your Weblog Sticky

All bloggers know just how valuable a loyal reader who comes back to your blog all the time is. Loyal readership is something that you should always aim for when running a blog, because without having the right kind of readers, it almost becomes impossible to get a consistent response from your blog. Making your blog sticky and increasing the reader count is something not every blog is able to achieve, and that’s mainly because they don’t focus on the basics. There are lots of things that you can do on a blog that aren’t that difficult but that will make a major difference in the long term.

Just about every blog in existence offers readers a chance to subscribe to an RSS feed for easy updates. If you want to get more people to subscribe to your blog, you need to make sure that the option to subscribe is obvious. If you hide your subscription button away or make it small, nobody will know that it is there! Don’t shy away from being obvious and “in your face” about the option to subscribe. In addition to making sure that your subscription numbers go up, this method helps raise your “stick” rate as well.

Let your readers have more than just one option for subscribing to your blog. RSS is a superb option for subscription and keeping readers informed about updates made to your blog but you need to provide other options as well, like e-mail subscriptions. Not everyone wants to use an RSS reader and there are lots of services that will e-mail your feed to them. These services give you the opportunity to offer more to readers.

Jump on the social bandwagon and start a Facebook fan page for yourself. Allowing readers to subscribe to updates through a fan pages is great for those who don’t want to deal with RSS feeds or e-mailed updates. Facebook is the most popular social platform today and lots of people spend lots of time there so it simply makes sense to give them the updates they need through a service that they already use–watch your numbers shoot up when you try it. To sum up, this article clearly shows you how easy it is to build the stick rate of your blog and take it up a notch. If you put in a real effort you’ll see some amazing returns here. It is important to remember that if you really want to grow your blog’s readership and turn some time visitors into loyal readers you need to get ready to do some real work and be patient: it won’t happen overnight.

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