Group Fitness Insurance

Getting group fitness insurance is essential. It ensures both the establishment and the trainer that they will have the means necessary to defend themselves in court should an untoward incident occur. Even the most cautious person can sometimes make mistakes, and clients who may be injured by this can sue for damages. If a trainer is unprepared to deal this situation, he or she may end up losing the license and being forced to pay the hefty claims out-of-pocket. This can be avoided by availing of a good group fitness insurance policy.


The business setup will affect the kind of insurance needed. If the instructors are independent contractors, they will have to provide their own. There could be instances, however, when the club still has its own insurance to protect its interests in these matters. For work-related incidents outside of the club facilities, the instructor should still be covered.

Personal liability cases involving libel and slander can hurt an instructor’s career. Those who work in their clients’ homes are prone to accusations of invasion of privacy. With insurances clauses covering these, the instructor will have the peace of mind in dealing with them as defense fees and damages will be taken care of.

Due to the nature of the work, close contact is sometimes necessary. This could lead to accusations of sexual abuse, both serious and frivolous. There are specific clauses for this, as well as other types of liabilities. Basic coverage can pay out anywhere from one to three million dollars in case you need it, so you are sure to get ample funds. Study the scope and limitations of your policy carefully so that you’ll know exactly what you are getting.

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