Helping Children Memorize with Music by Todd Rutherford

The brains of children are like sponges, absorbing and learning everything around them. One of the easiest ways for children to learn and retain information is through music. Teresa Marie Banks, the author of The Memory Shirt, recognized this and created a most charming and engaging book/song for children. The story is about a brother and sister enjoying adventures on a gorgeous summer day. Amazingly, the entire book is also presented through music in “The Memory Song.”

“The Memory Song” is a combination of Teresa’s The Memory Shirt and the musical styling of the Onesies. The lyrics of the song come directly from the book. “The Memory Song” is another way to enjoy The Memory Shirt. Essentially, it caters to children who love to participate in activities such as singing, as it fosters the development of the imagination.

“The Memory Song” can be enjoyed while traveling, used as a bedtime lullaby, or included on the playlist of your child’s MP3 player or IPOD. The beauty of the text is retained in song, and the added dimension of music enables young readers to imagine in their minds “the first day of summer,” with main characters, Ryan and Andrea.

Listed at an affordable $1.99, “The Memory Song” is ideal for busy parents and children. The combination of Teresa’s words and the Onesies music is truly a creation of melodious harmony that will make the listener yearn for the sweet, carefree days of summer-chasing ice-cream trucks, rolling in mud and wrestling with the family dog.

This is a must-read and a must-listen for families who love to read and sing! Children of all ages will find Teresa Banks’ The Memory Shirt and “The Memory Song” the perfect way to anticipate and enjoy the long, lazy days of summer. Purchase “The Memory Song” as a downloadable file from

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