Her Real Diet Solution, Isabel de Los Rios

Why the Diet Solution Program? Diet Solution Plan is not a diet. Actually, with diets you maintain fat and do not lose weight. Ouch, that is a fly in your face statement but it is true. You realize that with diets you tend to count calories. What is the Diet Solution Program? Diet Solution Program is not a diet. In reality, diets keep you fat and prevent weight loss. If you do not meet your calorie goal then counting calories will put you on a guilt trip plus make you hungry because you need more food. Logically what follows is binge eating and weight gain. What’s unique about the diet solution program is no calorie counting. An in-depth discussion on this will follow.

Isabel de Los Rios is the one who created the diet solution program. After years of attempting to lose weight by every thinkable method of weight loss, Isabel became a giant in the weight loss industry. She also became a certified in nutrition, a specialist in exercising, a great public speaker and a bonafide author. Isabel had a dual motive in searching for a solution to weight loss. The first being she was overweight, herself. Her daughter and grandson were obese, too. Oh, if only she could help them shed some pounds. Additionally, she was moved by the masses who were forever trying but always failing to lose weight. Hold on, as I tell you what Isabel discovered. She observed that for fat loss you should cut your diet out, eat more often and enjoy the good life. People are calling for a diet that is flexible and and will not take over their life. They need a diet that will work not only for a little while but for the long-term.

The diet solution program has three principles for a lasting weight loss. You have to identify the foods that burn fat. You need to acknowledge that certain food causes weight gain and get to know them. (the two foes of weight loss) You got to know the right combination. You should understand that all carbs are not beneficial, some carbs being good and some are bad.

Good carbs: The foods that are fat burners. Bread made from any kind of grain is good carbs. Adding to the good carb list are sweet potato, fruits and vegetables. A big mistake is thinking that fat will make you fat. If you put into your body the right kind of fat you will burn fat. If you put the wrong kind of fat in your body you will store fat. You can put good fats in your diet by consuming coconut oil and foods that contain only one ingredient: steak, fish, chicken, eggs.

Bad carbs: The foods that causes agony on the scales.
Sugar is #1 culprit. Certain foods are masking around as health foods but are converted into sugar when they enter your system. (Orange juice, cereals, whole wheat bread, etc.) Regardless of health, whether diabetic or not, we all need to regulate blood sugar. High blood sugar cause the body to produce insulin which stores fat. Insulin in turn lowers blood sugar. Low blood sugar then causes hunger, cravings and fatigue. There is a real urgency to maintain a balanced blood sugar. Diet Solution shows which foods you can eat that will stop you from having a blood sugar roller coaster. Blood sugar levels between 100 and 120 or higher can cause obesity. Blood sugar levels around 90 body burns fat at its best. Blood sugar levels of 60 or lower may result in hunger, cravings and fatigue. So, in losing weight, proper blood sugar level is a must for healthy people as well as those with diabetes.

Processed foods come in as enemy number two. Adding to the sugar, processed foods contain many chemicals that disable its fat burning mechanism. Fat is broken down by the liver. However, food that is processed keep the liver so occupied breaking down harmful chemicals that it is to busy to function as a liver should, that is to break down those horrible fats. Artificial sweeteners, soy products and so called healthy yogurt are other so-called health foods that makes the liver work overtime and slack off its job of breaking down fats. In your quest for weight, did you know that the amount of calories does not matter? Most people do not eat nearly enough calories. Calorie restrictions make the body think it is starving. It sends a signal to the brain: “Hold on to that fat.” Why starve yourself with wrong foods when you can eat a lot of right foods?

What you will get with the Diet Solution Program. You will be given a simple questionnaire that will tell you what kind of diet you need. You will not only be told what to do but how to do it. What should you eat, how much and when will be answered in the diet solution manual. Also, you will learn how the Diet Solution program helps to reduce the condition of those with diabetes, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Please see my resource box below for extra information on weight loss.

The Diet Solution program is a unique way for permanent weight loss. And come see how to Learn the truth about real fat loss

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