Her Real Diet Solution, Isabel Girl

What is the Diet Solution Program? Diet Solution Program is not a diet. In reality, diets keep you fat and prevent weight loss. That is a hush your mouth remark, but think about it. You see diets cause you to count calories. What is the Diet Solution Program? Diet Solution Program is not a diet. Actually, with diets you maintain fat and do not lose weight. If you do not meet your calorie goal then counting calories will put you on a guilt trip plus make you hungry because you need more food. Logically what follows is binge eating and weight gain. Now, the diet solution plan is not a calorie counting plan. More about this later.

Isabel de Los Rios is the author of the diet solution program. After years of trying to lose weight by every imaginable method of weight loss, Isabel became an expert in the weight loss industry. She also became a certified in nutrition, a specialist in exercising, a great public speaker and a bonafide author. Isabel’s motive in finding a solution to weight loss was twofold. Reason number one, she was fighting obesity. Her daughter and grandson were obese, too. Now, only if she could help them lose a few pounds. Additionally, she was motivated by the yearning to help thousands who were at their wits end trying to lose weight. Hold on, as I tell you what Isabel discovered. She found out that to lose weight you should quit dieting, start eating a lot more and start really living. People should have a diet that will not take control of their lives. They need a diet that will work not only for a little while but for the long-term.

The diet solution program consists of three principles for long-term healthy weight loss. You must realize the foods that are fat burners. You have to know the food that makes you put on weight. (the two enemies of weight loss) You must have insight into the correct combinations. You should understand that all carbs are not beneficial, some carbs being good and some are bad.

Good carbs: Food that burns fat like straw. Bread made from grains are excellent carbs. Sweet potato, fruit and vegetables are also good carbs. A common misconception is that fat will make you fat. If we eat the right kind of fat we will burn fat. If we eat the wrong kind of fat we will store fat. If you want a diet of good fats use coconut oil and foods that contain only one ingredient: steak, fish, chicken, eggs.

Bad carbs: The foods that causes agony on the scales.
Sugar is no. 1 enemy. Some foods are closed as health foods but readily turn into sugar when they enter your system. (Cereal, orange juice, whole wheat bread, etc.) Whether diabetic or not, we all need to regulate blood sugar. Elevated blood sugar cause the body to produce insulin which stores fat. Insulin takes over and lowers blood sugar. Low blood sugar adversely affects the body causing hunger, cravings and fatigue. There is a need to balance blood sugar. Diet Solution will teach you which foods can be eaten that will stop cold blood sugar ups and downs. Blood sugar levels between 100 and 120 or higher causes weight gain. Blood sugar levels around 90 burns fat. Blood sugar levels around 60 or lower causes hunger, cravings and fatigue. So, in losing weight, proper blood sugar level is a must for healthy people as well as those with diabetes.

Chemically processed foods are enemy #2. Adding to the sugar, processed foods contain many chemicals that disable its fat burning mechanism. Fat is broken down by the liver. However, when you eat processed food, it is too busy breaking down harmful chemicals to do what it is suppose to do, break down fats. Artificial sweeteners, soy products and “healthy yogurt” are other so-called health foods that makes the liver work overtime and forget its job of breaking down fats. In your venture to lose weight, did you know that the number of calories does not cause you to gain weight. Most people do not eat near the amount of calories they should. Taking in too few calories fool the body into thinking it is starving. It sends a signal to the brain to hold on to that fat, but why starve yourself with wrong foods when you can eat a lot of the proper foods?

What does the Diet Solution Program has to offer. You will take a brief questionnaire that will show you the exact diet that is made for you. In addition to be told what to do, you will be shown how to do it. For example, the diet solution manual tells you what to eat, when to eat and how much. Also, you will see how the Diet Solution program helps to reduce the condition of those with fibromyalgia, arthritis and diabetes. Please see my resource box below for extra information on weight loss.

The Diet Solution program is a unique way for permanent weight loss. And come see how to Learn the truth about real fat loss

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