When you purchase a home, you want to protect your investment against storms, accidents, and other devastating losses. Homeowners’ policies can vary a great deal, however, so it’s important to discuss your options with your insurance agent.

Property Coverage Discussion Items

When you meet with your representative to discuss your property coverages, make sure to ask about the following considerations.

  • Personal liability – This property coverage will depend on the value of your home, but it should include any additional assets you own.
  • Coverage for personal belongings – Replacement coverage for personal belongings, including art, jewelry, antiques, and other collectibles should be considered.
  • Value of replacing the home – Extended coverage can be added to your policy to include the cost of replacing your house if it needs to be rebuilt. The coverage should consider rebuilding the home with the same quality of materials that were used originally so that the house will be replicated as closely as possible.
  • Additional coverages – If you own a pool, shed, barn, or other outdoor fixtures, a standard policy typically doesn’t fully cover these items. You should discuss your policy options with your agent.

Your Homeowner’s policy will protect you in event of a catastrophe. Make sure the policy includes all the necessary elements to help you recoup your losses and restore your home to its original condition.