How Can Proper Nutrition Affect Your Health?

Average American’s nutritional habits are considered as one of the worst amongst any of the first world countries. In a country that has a surplus amount of food unequal to any other nation in the world; most of us are suffering from malnutrition, the reason, Fast Food.

The obesity rate in the United States is alarmingly high and is climbing. Despite the various education programs and media coverage about the damaging effect of poor diet, we continue to flock to the nearest fast food joint. Most people are even reluctant to even consider taking a look at the diet that they consume, let alone making any significant changes to it.

The sad truth is that we are addicted to fast food. They lure us with their fat filled sugar loaded items that slowly kills us. It’s not just the fast food joints, but even the regular restaurants that offer overly large portions and an assortment of desserts to entice even the strongest strength of will. And at the end we are left wondering why our wardrobe is getting small each year. Our lack of restraint and discipline is having a negative effect on our health. Even those that try to stick to a healthy diet loose track and are found giving excuses like a little won’t hurt.

We are soon becoming victims of malnutrition with the formation of diseased cells in our bodies. These diseased cells have the potential to turn into full-grown diseases and if adequate measures are not taken, the growth becomes irreparable. We form our eating habits during our life time and most adverse effects are seldom felt during the young age. Obesity is one of the exceptions. Child obesity has become a very serious problem, not just in the United States but all over the world. If proper care is not taken at the appropriate time, it can lead to a lifetime of major health and weight problems.

The calorie loaded and fatty foods are too good to resist. They offer a false sense of comfort in our modern stressful life. It momentarily makes us feel good when we munch on such food items ignoring the adverse effects it can have on our bodies. Heartburn, nausea, allergies, constipation and obesity are just some of the symptoms that are a warning of what lies ahead of us if we continue with our inadequate eating habits.

Nutrition is something that one cannot ignore, because if ignored, it can lead to some serious health issues that could turn out to be very expensive.

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