How Do I Get Back With My Ex After A Breakup

It’s a fact of life: We fall in love, but we also have our hearts broken. Perhaps you have had a special relationship that has come to an end. Or has it? Don’t worry, wanting your ex back, to try again, is absolutely normal. Sometimes these feelings come right away, other times they may take longer to surface after the breakup. If want to know, “How do I get back with my ex?”, you are not alone. But wondering isn’t going to get you back together. Instead, you need to take action to make it happen. What follows are a few tips to help you do just that.

Before you can start down the road to getting back together, before you can answer the question of “How do I get back with my ex?”, you need to take a look at what led to your splitting up. You can only fix something if it’s broken, but you can also only fix it if you know where it’s broken. Understanding what made you break up will help to prevent you from making the same mistakes if you happen to get back together.

Next, you need to decide if you really want your ex back as much as you think you do. Of course, your initial reaction may be that definitely want them back. However, dig deep and be honest with yourself. Do you want to get back together because they are gone, because you feel that you can’t have them? Or, maybe you saw your ex with somebody else and now your jealousy is getting the better of you. Those aren’t very good reasons, and will only lead to another break up. In short, be sure you want your ex back for the right reasons.

One thing that helps is to get back to what made you fall in love with each other the first time. Rediscovering those qualities in your ex and in yourself will go a long way towards making up. Do your best to highlight those things within yourself, and to focus on them in your former partner. After all, they say “love conquers all” for a reason.

Before you jump right back into things, it’s better to meet under platonic circumstances. You can still have fun, but make sure it’s as just friends and with no strings attached. You also need to make sure that your first meetings are in a non-threatening environment and on neutral ground. You don’t want your ex to feel as though they are being pressured or manipulated during the meeting.

How do I get back with my ex is a fair question. It all comes down to looking at the relationship that was, the one you want to have and actually meeting up with your ex. Do whatever you can to keep things positive. That way your ex will associate you with the good feelings they’re experiencing. Over time, things will take their course. Do it right, and that course will lead to getting back together.

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