How many Twitter followers do you have? – Why is it so important a question?

When talking of Twitter, the first question that would seem to arise is in the minds of most people is – how many Twitter followers do you have?

What do people do on Twitter?

There are all sorts of people who use Twitter for all kinds of purposes. There are people who do not have anyone to talk to and so they send details of every single minute of their days. Then there are the kinds of people who feel that they are celebrities of sorts and keep sending all kinds of information about themselves.

Thus, there are so many different kinds of people who are all using Twitter for a multitude of different reasons.

Twitter for business depends on how many Twitter followers do you have

There are Internet Marketers who have begun to use the power of Twitter to build their buying audiences and make more sales. This is because of the fact that Twitter is a quick way of connecting people with potential customers and to educating them about various kinds of offers.

Twitter is now being used by marketers as a window into what is going on in their market.

Keeping track of things

You can keep track of topics that interest you by following experts in that field. In this way you would be able to get a handle on what people in the niche are talking about and about other people offering products like yours.

It is really very remarkable how you can follow just about anyone on Twitter. You can follow their account, see what they are posting, and gather wisdom from their advice which can all be beneficial to your own business.

A good way to keep in touch with clients as well as friends

By using Twitter, you can even stay in constant touch with clients as well as friends.

Many companies are now making use of Twitter to test and see how responsive customers are to their promotions listed there in comparison to other types of advertising being used.

How to make a real good impression

If you really want to create an impression, tweet every once in a while about something that has nothing to do with your business! There are so many things you can tweet about that would catch the eyes of people. Just remember not to overdo it else you would begin to bore people.

Thus, the question – how many Twitter followers do you have, has indeed become very crucial – especially if you are using Twitter to build a business.

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