How To Buy A Butane Lighter Refill

If you have a favorite butane lighter you may not want to throw it out and replace it just because the fuel has been used up. You can find a butane lighter refill so you can keep using the lighter you have for a long time.


One good place to start your search for a refill is at a local superstore. These stores often contain food supplies as well as products sold in department stores. You can find almost everything you need at one location. It is very likely they will have a butane lighter refill that will keep your favorite lighter in use.

Another good place to find a butane lighter refill is at a pipe store. These stores sell all kinds of products related to smoking such as paper for rolling cigarettes, lighters, pipes, and various tobaccos. Many of these stores are small and they do not spend a lot of money on advertising.

If neither one of those two options works for you, then you can look on the internet to find a source where you can buy a butane lighter refill. It is not always easy to know exactly which refill will work best if you just look at a small photograph on the screen, so you will have to do some research.

If you use these three methods of locating a butane lighter refill you will be successful in your search. While you wait for the refill to be shipped to you from an online retailer, you can use a disposable model until it arrives.

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