How To Create Leads For Your MLM Business In 4 Easy Steps

Deciding to learn how to create leads yourself is greatest thing you can do for your network marketing business. It is not only the most cost efficient method to generate leads but the leads you generate for yourself are always of the highest quality. This article is a step-by-step blueprint on how to create leads online.

Step #1: Choose Your Target Market

The 1st step is to pick who’s in your target market. Are they people who are looking for a work from home opportunity? Are they people looking specifically for YOUR MLM opportunity? Are they fellow network marketers searching for training on the work from home industry?

Choosing who your target audience is, is going to help you with step #3, crafting your opt-in incentive.

How To Create Leads Step #2: Capture Page or Blog

Now that you select your target audience is, you’ll need a squeeze page or a blog to capture your leads information.

A opt-in page is a basic website with an explanation (in the form of sales copy) of what you have to offer, and an opt-in form where visitors can leave their name and email address (and even their phone number if you like to get access to your offer. You’re also able to use an opt-in form on your blog, where you can tell visitors to opt-in before they leave your site.

A squeeze page is perfect as you’re able to create some strong, TARGETED copy that’ll tempt your visitors to enter their details in return for your offer. (This is how you actually create your leads)

It’s possible to easily create the opt-in form for your website using an autoresponder service like: iContact or Aweber.

Step #3: Your Special Offer

Now you have to make an opt-in incentive that you can offer to the people that opt-in to your website and become your leads.

If your opt-in page is only for your network marketing opportunity, you could offer a “Special Report”, training on how to be successful in your company, you can offer a “behind the scenes” video tour of your companies back office, an interview with a leader in your company…whatever you think people researching your company would be interested and get value from.

If your squeeze page is for people researching the the home based business industry in general, you can do the same as above, but make your give away a little more generic.

If you’re targeting current people in the network marketing industry who are searching for training, you can offer a series of video trainings, an ebook, an audio training series, a bootcamp, etc. Again, some kind of training that people would believe helpful.

(*Note* You have to give away a good, value packed product. If your give away product is not very good, people will not like it and it will be a waste of time. If you aren’t sure what to offer, you can click the link in the resource box, where I’ll show you a marketing system that you can offer, that will supply you with capture pages and also help you make more money.)

Step 4: Start Promoting

Once you have your capture page ready and your free offer in position, you are ready to start marketing your capture page.

Thanks to the internet, you’re able to market your capture page in several different ways. If you have the dough to use you can do Google, Yahoo or Facebook P.P.C ads, or solo and ezine ads. If you’re on more of a budget you could do article and video marketing, social media marketing, forum marketing, or any other free marketing strategy…

Just make sure that you are targeting your target audience with your marketing and that you’re leading the people veiwing at your content back to your capture page.

Once you have created your leads, it’s now just a matter of building a connection with your leads (through phone or email), and, once you have built rapport and trust, introducing them to your opportunity.

Building your business truly is not difficult when you understand how to create leads yourself. If you are new to internet marketing and the idea of generating your own products and capture pages frightens you, you can check out a pre made system that you’re able to use to get more leads, get more money and learn real marketing strategies, at my website:

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