How To Prevent Hair Loss Effectively

Do you want to avoid hair loss successfully? Are you ready to try anything so that you can have a beautiful hair? Well, you must begin by taking a look at your diet plan. Following a poor diet can damage substantially your hair. Read further about how you can prevent hair loss just by adding some essential meals inside your everyday menu:

Vitamin A plays an important role in the secretion of sebum. Without sebum, the hair would be very dry and predisposed to dandruff. Absorption of vitamin A by the body is stopped by passive smoking and certain drugs. However, an overdose of vitamin A can lead to an excessive secretion of sebum, damaging the hair. To avoid an overdose of vitamin A, you should eat many fruits and vegetables rich in this vitamin (carrots, mangoes, oranges, potatoes) and prevent supplements.

Vitamin B is also essential for a healthy hair because it contributes to the oxygenation of the scalp. It is recommended to consume meals which are wealthy in supplement B and folic acid: bananas, chicken breast, pork, peas, and asparagus.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body cells from the free radical. It is essential in preventing hair loss, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Vitamin E can be present in vegetable oils wealthy in unsaturated fatty acids (soy, corn, and sunflower), peanuts, sunflower seeds, green vegetables and tomatoes.

Supplement C, in combination with proteins, is required for that production of collagen. It controls the secretion of sebaceous glands and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Organic sources of supplement C are green vegetables, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, fresh fruits this kind of as lemons, oranges and grapefruit, kiwi and strawberries, potatoes and raisins, blackberries, and so on.

Silicon has a vital role in all processes of general nutrition. It is probably the most important element when it comes about a strong and healthy hair. Silicon could be found especially in fruits, garlic, pollen and whole grains.

Iodine is helpful in maintaining the well being of our hair, nails, skin and teeth. Foods rich in iodine are: fish, seafood, seaweed, dairy, fruits and vegetables.

Although an overdose of zinc can inhibit the absorption of other important minerals, it is essential for hair growth. So that you can consume sufficient zinc, it’s recommended to eat peas, liver, beef, turkey and almonds.

Iron deficiency will make your hair thinner. Hair loss can be prevented just by adding iron inside your everyday menu. Green vegetables, liver, egg yolk and seeds are meals that include a significant quantity of iron.

To prevent hair loss successfully, we should care our hair properly. It is indicated to avoid using the hair dryer often. Also, the hair must be washed with warm water.

Another method to avoid hair loss consists in applying organic masks, prepared from fruits and veggies. Of course, we can use special lotions and shampoos, but it’s much better to start by trying some simple but efficient remedies (infusions, important oils, and house made creams).

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