An auto shop is a workplace where injuries can be unfortunately common. Between various people working and the dangerous machinery used, it can be easy for employees to get hurt. Thankfully, there are measures you can enact that reduce the frequency of auto shop injuries and their impact on your business.

Encourage Safe Work Practices

The best way to prevent workplace injuries is by starting safe work practices. Encourage your employees to take classes in a safety program. Additionally, have them wear clothing and gear that protect vulnerable body parts. Websites such as highlight the most common injuries: fingers, eyes and the back. Design a safety plan based on those areas.

Maintain a Balanced Work Pace

Body shop employees can get hurt from completing tasks too fast. Even though there are deadlines to meet, the wellbeing of your employees is a bigger priority. Consider the capabilities of your workforce and equipment, then establish deadlines that balance the client’s convenience with the safety of the technicians.

Obtain and Maintain Insurance

Even with a steady workflow and detailed safety measures, auto shop injuries can still occur. Consider obtaining a customized insurance plan that covers several potential incidents. One of the plans you should have is workers’ compensation, which ensures an injured worker can recover without causing great expense to your business.

Workplace safety is important, especially in your auto shop. Adopt these measures to guarantee the safety of your employees and the health of your company.