How To Reduce Hair Straightening Damage

How To Reduce Hair Straightening Damage

Do you like your hair smooth again, it seems that the follicles are not really happy? There are several best ceramic straightening iron that could do more harm to your hair as well. It’s time to learn some basic ways to reduce damage common flat irons could cause your hair.

Using a common and poor quality flat iron on a daily basis can be extremely dangerous for our son. Indeed those who love the braids ultra-smooth and over, they would tame their curly or straight or wavy strands will only opt for this method too often. In special cases this ritual could cause irreversible damage to the follicles, there are several preventive measures to be taken before engaging in recovery. All taken to prevent the formation of disorders such as hair loss or even rupture.

Our hair texture may be hyper-sensitive or more resistant to the effects of extreme heat. However, it seems that the too frequent application of this technique of hair strands of immunity to the decrease in external factors. The best way to protect our hair from damage is to minimize the damage of straightening.

Flat Iron Shape
? Shape also has a crucial role when straightening your strands. Besides the temperature and also the must have ceramic or tourmaline texture, it is important to know the proper wideness of the device in order to avoid any damages. The rule is to choose a wider flat iron from the common 1-1.5 inch one if your tresses reach beyond the shoulders. On the other hand those who sport shorter crops might choose the normal-sized ones. These are important factors since the application of an inappropriate hair straightener might cause breakage.For chi turbo 2 inch.
Do It On Dry Hair
? One of the golden rules of flawless hair straightening is to start straightening only if your hair is completely dry.
? Wet hair suffers from the effect of excessive heat and the result might be a great disaster. Instead blow dry your strands thoroughly, than you might consider waiting a few minutes, then start shaping your hair with flat iron.
? Furthermore sleeking your hair when the follicles are tortured with hair styling product build-up as gel, spray or mousse can also be damaging. Use treatments and shampoos that eliminate all the residues from the hair and ensure the appropriate hair styling.
The Temperature
? The temperature of the flat iron should perfectly match our hair texture. The first thing is always to identify our hair type. Then decide on the perfect grades.
? This way hair stylists recommend you to use: for fine hair that is a bit more sensitive max 360 degree F (180 degree) temperature, this is also valid for damaged hair, then for thicker strands and curls 380 -410-degree F (190-210 degree C) and finally for normal and healthy hair 360- 380 degree F (180-190 degree C). Keep these numbers in mind when you decide to style your hair both both a low and high quality flat iron.For ghd mk4 professional.
Hair Conditioning
? Prepare the tresses with the help of basic hair care products. The proper application of shampoo and conditioner will furnish your follicles with a protective shield able to fight all the harmful factors.
? This is a must step that should precede the [item]Make sure the both of these products will offer the ideal amount of moisture to the follicles in order to efficiently face the extreme heat. There are several heat protective beauty hair care products on the market. You might consider applying these to the tresses, opt either for the lotion or spray formulas.
Proceed in Sections
? A final advice might be that in order to increase the efficiency of the flat ironing and also to protect the strands from damage, proceed in sections. Separate the locks in more parts and cover all the head by heading from one side to the other with great care and precision. There’s no point in grabbing a larger lock of hair an then straighten it for hours when you can do the job more easily and quickly bit by bit.For ghd flat iron best price.

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