Immigration to Canada – 7 Pre-Immigration Tips to Finding Job Opportunities Totally on Your Own

Looking for work anywhere in Canada, and working doing anything for anybody will lead you nowhere fast. I have seen the rubbish written about international job search connected with economic immigration, and I cannot stand it.

Finding job opportunities requires the use of a number of information resources, which are obtainable for free, and one more component:, determination. Determination is vital if you want to succeed. Listed here are my 7 tips on how to find job opportunities before applying for a work permit.

Decide if you will want work permit for short or long-term residence. Long term residence leads to Canadian citizenship 3-4 years earlier than short-term. In case you have no motives to become a Canadian citizen, target a temporary work permit.

Narrow down your search to the provincial level, it’s much easier to spot employers. To accomplish this, use Canadian Government labour market information and Foreign workers statistics to be aware of which province will most likely need you. Statistics reveal foreign workers country of origin and their industry. Printed media within your country of origin generally publish the recruitment ads, so you can apply for a job before immigrating.

Familiarize yourself with immigration requirements for foreign workers. You can look up that information for free on province’s sites. For example Goolge “Immigration to Province name” (replace Province Name with the name of the province you want to search). On the websites you find, you can download applications, passport requirements, documents and who completes what forms and where to send applications.

Build a list of potential employers by following trade publications. Read job reviews and write your own personal notes on how you’re able to do the work better. Focus on published recruitment initiative to fill labour gaps.

Visit potential employers websites, and view their careers section, and try to apply for a job. If “right to work in Canada” is a prerequisite, disregard them from your list, and move on to the next employer.

Visit Canada events and annual international recruitment events that you read about in trade publications, are fantastic places to meet with potential Canadian employers. In contrast to common belief, you can travel to Canada for you to do job interviews. Annual recruitment events usually are great opportunities, and co-sponsored by Canadian local provinces and employers arrive equipped with government pre-approval to employ foreign workers.

Finding a job opportunity before immigration requires a different approach than the one used to look for a local job. There is certainly plenty of out of date information in existence. Invest some time investigating your field of work in Canada by using resources easily provided by the resources I’ve stated earlier. Think on the provincial level. Be immigration-ready and use these pointers to discover gaps in the market and metropolitan areas in which you are very likely to find a job, and employers who are hungry for labour. From these tips come-out with a strategy and begin digging. Best of luck job-searching everyone.

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