Increase Your Vertical Training

As an athlete, do you desire a higher jump? Have you heard of jump programs but are just afraid to try them? Surprising as it may sound, vertical jump programs are actually very effective in helping you increase your jump’s height. There are certainly a relatively few good ones out there but one that stands out is the Jump Manual basketball vertical; its rave reviews are verifiable. However, it is understandable that no one really wants to spend money on a product they barely know, if they can help it. In this article you’ll find some techniques form the Jump Manual and its competitors. Test them out and make it a point to observe if they have noticeable effects on your jumps and, ergo, make buying any of the featured programs worthwhile.

Any increase in your vertical leaps or jumps have power and technique behind it. Having a good technique involves having the ability to jump swiftly, in a very short time, after your muscles have stored up energy through contraction. To achieve this, one of the most effective methods you can use is Plyometrics. A good technique needs power to be executed well and maximized, however, and that is where strength training jumps in. If you want to find out how to harness these two main components of an amazing jump, the Jump Manual, Double Your Vertical Leap by Luke Lowrey and Vertical Jump Bible by Kelly Baggett cover them in detail.

To prevent injury and to perform optimally and to maximize the benefits of Plyometrics, getting into strength training is a must. You can boost your leg power by performing exercises designed to strengthen your calves and quads. Give your calves more muscle power by doing the simple yet very effective exercise called Toe Raises. This is done by standing on the front balls of your feet and pushing your body up, then down, repeatedly. You can do one leg toe raises for variety. As for the quads, a leg press machine should do the trick. If you want to train sans an equipment, the wall sit makes for a great substitute. The Wall Sit is easy to employ and doesn’t require a machine. Simply allow yourself to sit on an imaginary chair that is parallel to the floor. Do this against a wall. Stay in that position until you feel a burn. Remember that burning of the muscles mean you are working them right which would lead to even bigger growth. For information about Plyometrics and other strength training exercises, grabbing a jump program will no doubt be a good idea. Before you buy a copy though, check out Vertical Jump Bible Review at

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