Infidelity Survival, Two Important Things You Need to Know

Even though infidelity delivers a devastating blow to your marriage and creates quite a lot of stress and anxiety it doesn’t signify that your relationship is beyond repair. Unfortunately, infidelity is the result of problems which have developed slowly and gradually over a period of time and for that reason are not easy to recognize.

After finding out that your life partner had an affair your reaction is almost certainly a mix of anger and hurt. You’ve been betrayed in such a horrible way that the experience produces a storm of powerful emotions.

Your trust has been broken by the very person that promised to be devoted to you for the rest of your life. Trust is a key component of a healthy marriage but at this point it has turned into a needless victim of infidelity.

When you find out that your wife or husband has been involved in an affair, there are two options for handling and surviving infidelity. When thinking about your options it really is important to be aware that an affair is the result of unmet or unsatisfied needs in the marriage.

Pack To Go

One option is to just get a divorce and give up on the marriage without making any efforts to understand how come the affair happened. When it comes to a healthy relationship your loved one doesn’t just get up one morning and decide to have an affair. Infidelity is a symptom linked to a troubled marriage with each individual adding their share to a complicated scenario.

In case you determine that divorce is the way to go, what you are actually doing is choosing a short term remedy for a long term problem. The hurt and the pain that you have from this marriage will not be erased by a divorce. The emotional injuries will mend, however the scars will always be a reminder. Our feelings can’t be wiped out by a “Delete” button like the one on your computer.

Bear in mind that in the event you get married in the future, lurking in the back of your mind there will often be a question if it can happen once again. You certainly do no want to be betrayed twice. The emotional scars that remain can create jealousy, trigger arguments and lead the way for a variety of other damaging issues which can wind up in the new relationship.

Surviving infidelity isn’t easy or simple, but neither is divorce with its long term impact, particularly in cases where small children will be affected.

Pick To Stay

The other option is aimed at surviving infidelity by understanding that the affair is really a wake up call to serious problems within your marriage. Rather than taking the easy way out, you can choose to renew and restore your marriage and begin repairing the damage together with your spouse.

Search hard to determine the reasons that triggered the extramarital affair. The two of you have to make it a priority to figure out the factors responsible for it if you want to get through this crisis in your marriage.

Break down the communication barriers, open up from the heart, share and understand just what your individual needs are. Explain them in straightforward and clear terms. By reconnecting on this level you’ll be much closer to each other and in the process get a far greater understanding of where things could be improved.

It is not too hard to find a good amount of information on the internet relevant to infidelity and how to handle an affair, however just a few nuggets of useful information here and there won’t allow you to successfully manage this crisis in your marriage.

A far more effective and successful option is implementing a precise course of action targeted at rebuilding trust, surviving infidelity and helping you save your marriage. An excellent that offers an overview on how to survive an affair and save your marriage can be found at

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