In the world of civil engineering, an error or omission in an analysis or calculation can have an enormous impact. Even the most highly trained experts can make a mistake that could end up costing their companies or their clients to incur serious damages. In addition to creating an additional expense, a mistake could create a substantial delay, causing contractors and other third parties to incur significant damages. In order for engineering firms to safeguard their operations, it’s imperative to obtain a comprehensive line of insurance coverage intended to protect against this type of liability exposure.

Industries Served

According to, civil engineering errors and omissions insurance can benefit engineers who work in a variety of different industries:

  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Safety Engineers

Coverage Applications

Your firm’s coverage needs may vary over time. You may find it surprising to learn that it’s possible to procure coverage for work that is already completed in some circumstances, referred to as prior acts coverage. Your coverage needs may vary based on the project that you’re working on, so it’s helpful to establish a relationship with a company with which you can maintain an open dialog about coverage concerns. It’s important to always have access to help when you need it and get expert analysis about the coverage levels that you need.