iPhone Recycling Done The Right Way

Got an iPhone? Wish you had the money to buy the newest iPhone out there? Well, what if I told you that by getting involved in iPhone recycling you could? iPhone recycling? What in the heck is that? It’s easy! As of late, there have been companies popping up all over the UK called mobile phone recycling sites. These websites let you sell your mobile to them and make cash for phones. Too good to be true? Think again! The reason so many people are getting involved in phone recycling is actually three fold; Firs off, the UK is making legislative laws that states that people who are found throwing mobile phones into the garbage will actually be fined! Second off, you can help save the earth.

There are tons of horrendous chemicals that are found inside phones including, but not limited to Lead, Beryllium, Arsenic, Mercury, Antimony, Cadmium all which are toxic to humans. Recycling cell phones keeps those harmful ingredients out of our waste streams and landfills. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that crap near my house or my family! Lastly, you can actually get cash for phones or cash for iPhone recycling – especially good with iPhone recycling because iPhones are a big hit in the wireless industry! Here are the steps on how to get involved in iPhone recycling, mobile phone recycling or if you just want more info on how to sell your mobile to these sites:

– My mobile phone recycling site I use has a search engine on the site. So, let’s say I have an iPhone 4 32gb. If it’s a good site like the one I use, you can just put in Apple and a bunch of products will come up in the Apple arena. Let’s choose the Apple iPhone 4 32GB.

– You will be taken to a new page with all the “deals” when you sell your mobile. When I sell my mobile, I take a look at the recommended results since these are usually the sites that are going to offer me the most when I sell my mobile.

– On this page, under recommended results, you will also find “all results”. I see Money Mobile will offer me 333GBP for my Apple iPhone 4 32GB, pay period is 3 days, they offer bank transfer and check. On the other hand, mobile phone exchange offer me 301GBP for my Apple iPhone 4 32GB, they have a 1 day pay period and they do paypal. They also have a non working price as well.

– Let’s choose Money My Mobile for this action. I click the “sell my mobile” button now and I am taken directly to their website. I see that they are a recycle mobile company where I can do phone recycling and sell mobile phone to. For this, I get cash for phones. Once I get to the site I see my previous entrance for the Apple iPhone 4 32GB is on the website.

– A new page loads and will let me add more phones other than my Apple iPhone 4 32GB. Once I click proceed, it will take me to another page. I need to sign up so they can keep track of my phone and I can keep track of my payments. I would then get an envelope from them (self stamped) that I would send my phone back in, they do the processing in 3 days and I get a cheque for 333GBP.

Yep. Its that easy! It doesn’t have to be iPhone recycling either. I was just using iPhone recycling as an example. You can sell almost any working or non working phone. But, to get the most cash for phones, I suggest you sell your mobile for a phone that is from 2009-2011!

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