Iron Entry Doors

The unique thing about iron entry doors is that they can be elegant with classical motifs and other décor, yet at the same time strong and robust, able to endure even the most unforgiving weather. Be it in a private home or a commercial establishment, these iron entry doors can blend in with various styles to choose from. When designing a customized door, it helps to think about a few factors.


For unbeatable security, double doors can be installed at the entrance. These are much tougher to break into and will likely frustrate any would-be intruder. To make the door seem wider, mount some sidelights. Getting a totally different look is possible by employing materials such as wood for a natural look and glass for a more modern vibe.

There are glass panels made of durable and insulating material which can be fitted with iron entry doors. These may take up the full length of the door or cover it only partially. To maintain a sense of privacy, frosted and colored glass are favored.

Due to their effectiveness as protective barriers against burglars and other malicious characters, iron entry doors can decrease the insurance rates because of lowered risk. When mounted in combination with iron railings around the perimeter, they give the house a stunning and secure boundary.

Iron entry doors may also be used indoors for entrances to certain areas such as the wine cellar to keep out the children. These tend to be made of iron all throughout, and feature patterns like grapes and vines. Wherever iron entry doors are placed, they are sure to make an impression.

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