Is Noni juice beneficial?

Noni juice is the extract from the Noni fruit and is found predominantly in South East Asia and Hawaii. Even though this product has been used by natives in these regions for hundreds of years for their medical properties, their benefits have only become popular in the west for the past 20 years or so.

While you will find a number of herbal concoctions that claim to be extremely efficient, Noni Juice is one of the most efficient and completely safe.

What exactly does it contain?

Although retailing as noni juice, very rarely do these products only contain the extract from the noni fruit. Most often there will be grape and blueberry extract mixed in to make it palatable, because it is not a good tasting fruit. This fruit is rich is amino acids which are the foundations of protein which help in cell repair and growth. They are also very rich in vitamins and minerals making them very good for your well being.

Is it safe to use?

Yes Noni juice is completely safe to use. Although some people do experience constipation when consuming this juice, it is not very common.

Has its effectiveness been confirmed

While there continues to be quite a few studies performed on this fruit, none of its findings have been truly substantiated. In one study, the consumption of Noni juice resulted in marked reductions in both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Tests on mice have also showed that they seem to possess a positive effect on cancer. So, while study on this fruit is not yet reached its potential, so far the findings have only been positive.

A few of the numerous benefits of its components are increased cellular absorption, increased bowel movements, increased immune response, quickened healing, stress inhibition, decreased joint pains, reduces heart disease and even the effects of chemotherapy. If consumed regularly, you have a better chance of not contracting any major illnesses or diseases than if you do not.

Ultimately is this really a wonder drug?

It does seem so because not only does it improve well being, it also reduces stress levels. Just decreasing stress alone will remove numerous physical ailments, so it is worth taking if only for that.

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