Is Rocket French A Scam?

Whether you’re learning French since you like it or simply because there’s no other choice, Rocket French is the quickest, easiest, most fun yet rather efficient method to learn French. Marie-Claire Riviere has created this interactive program to pump your French skill in an intriguing way; you’ll master French before you know it.

Rocket French Premium Package may be ordered via mail or downloaded from the internet to your PC or Mac, making French learning significantly less difficult. With the interactive design, you will feel compelled to discover more French by hearing the native speakers whilst reading the transcriptions.

Yes, that’s how you’ll master French in just 6 days. By listening and reading consecutively. After all, Rocket French Premium Package has been separated into six different components to guide you from beginner French to advanced French.

The initial lesson you get from Rocket French is French culture. With 33 interactive tracks of 20 minutes each, you’ll discover the best way to introduce your self to ordering food and everything in between with real life simulations.

Then you will learn 31 grammars from Rocket French Grammar Lessons, again by means of context conversations. You may break these conversations down and put them together to make new conversations. There’s also Rocket French MegaVocab Software Game where you may discover 1000 French words within 20 distinctive topics. You even get to add new words and its illustration to keep on expanding.

Going on to intermediate level, you will practice your listening comprehension with Rocket French MegaAudio Software Game and take verb alteration exams from Rocket French MegaVerbs Software Game. This way you’ll be able to develop two-way conversation with a native speaker without losing face of poor French.

Greater yet, Rocket French gives you the chance to go over the entire lessons again whenever you have completed it. Thus you are able to master French in and out. Best of all, it is possible to send an email or post a message at the Rocket French forum board whenever you come up with a question. The Rocket French Virtual French Teacher will surely reply you in an instant, 24-7.

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