Job Crusher 2.0, Is It Possibly The Best Affiliate Program Out there?

Job Crusher 2.0 is a membership site run by Eric Louviere, a professional copywriter, and Bill McIntosh who is known for his Butterfly marketing course. The membership includes many different benefits such as the look over my shoulder video program, fast track program (with business models), fly on the wall program and much more.

The membership is mainly headed by Bill McIntosh, and the goal is to help marketers generate a consistent income online. While other membership sites mainly focus on affiliate marketing online, Job Crusher 2.0 offers all kinds of information from creating your own products, running a membership site and even copywriting.

Detailed Overview

There are so many different aspects of the membership, so I’ll break it down each part. The first aspect is the Look Over My Shoulder Program. This program is delivered as an online conference where you get to see how Eric and Mike choose niche markets. You’ll get to see firsthand how they do the research, build the site, get traffic and more. I think this is the best part about Job Crusher 2.0 as it really is like standing right over them and watching their whole marketing process from conception to implementation.

The next part of the membership is the Fast Track to $4,000 Per Month Program. The goal of this program is to help members reach earnings of $4,000 per month. This program involves Eric giving presentations across all different topics and business models to help you reach your milestone. I liked that this program has a live Q&A session, as it allows you to get guidance if you’re lost on what to do next.

The Fly On The Wall gives you a chance to look at what Eric or Mike is doing in their business. You’ll get to see videos of them working on projects and talking with their team on the phone. This is probably best reserved for later once you get the fundamentals down, as you’ll need to know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

A program called “How To Make Residual Income With Niche Membership Sites” is in the site as well. It covers how to build a membership site, monetize it and run it so you keep your members. There is solid information here, and I’m going to have to assume Eric knows what he’s talking about, as Job Crusher 2.0 is a really successful membership site in of itself.

Eric Louviere is a professional copywriter and you get to tap into his knowledge with the Copywriting clinics that he holds. In a webinar, you can get your websites and sales pages critiqued so you get reliable professional advice that can boost your opt-in and conversion rates.

The membership also includes the Stacker formula. This is a separate course that was sold by Eric in the past. This course is for intermediates and covers how to set up multiple income streams with Eric’s methods. The goal is to stack up these income streams and strategies to make up you total earnings. Everything from using CPA programs, running email marketing campaigns and outsourcing is covered across 9 video tutorials.

Every now and then, guest experts will come in and give presentations or be interviewed in a teleseminar. Guest interviews are common in many membership sites now, so I don’t think this is particularly unique. The content is solid, but many times the goal of these experts is to sell you on their product, so every now and then you’ll get a speaker that focuses more on selling than teaching great information.

Job Crusher 2.0 also has a great community and support built into the membership. The forum is filled with members who are receiving the same training. You can discuss/share strategies, network and form a mastermind group. In fact, there are already some existing mastermind groups that members have created. Joining these groups can get you in the right mindset, as it surrounds you with people who are like-minded and have similar goals.

One thing that really surprised me was that Eric and Mike were actually active in the forums. These guys are busy enough running their own huge businesses, so I thought it’d be run by a couple of moderators. This really shows their dedication to the members.

In addition to the great support, there is a section for Technical Advice and Instructions. You’ll learn how to take care of the technical things like setting up your blogs, using FTP software, registering a domain name, getting hosting and more. Nothing complicated here, just the basics for those that need it.

Job Crusher 2.0 was always intended for intermediates to experienced online marketers, but they recently added the Newbie Program to help get beginners up to speed. In the past, I wouldn’t have recommended the membership to beginners as they’d probably get lost, but I can confidently tell beginners to make the investment in the membership.

Because there are so many components of this membership, I came up with an organized way to consume the information. If you’re a complete beginner, start with Newbie program, and then move on to the $4,000 A Month program. If you feel solid about the training covered there, start to go into the Stacker Formula and the Look Over My Shoulder Program. Finally, get active in the forums then start going over the Fly On The Wall program and Copywriting Clinics for your sales pages. The rest is up to you from here.

Job Crusher 2.0 is one of the best-paid membership program out there. If you really want to make tons of money, you need to be a Crusher member. You will be given all the blueprints, how to guides and best of all Look Over Our Shoulder content that will make sure you make money online even if you haven’t made any before as this program is suitable for newbies and experts alike.

Some people are bit reluctant to join membership programs as they think that they will have to pay more but they say that in internet marketing it takes money to make money. So, you have two choices, you can waste your money on programs and software that claim to make you a six figure affiliate but such softwares don’t even start properly or you can invest your money on a program like Job Crusher 2.0 that have the real strategies, real info and top notch personal support to really make you a six figure affiliate. Choice is yours.

Guys of Job Crusher 2.0 are so sure about the high value content of their program that they are giving you the opportunity to test it for just one dollar, let me say it again, just one buck. If you like the program, subscribe and if you don’t like it (which is not going to happen) just unsubscribe. You have nothing to lose, literally.

As Job Crusher 2.0 is a program that WORKS, I have decided to give you a massive bonus and I have tried my best to give you the valuable tools and courses that not only you are going to like and learn from but your purchase will also be spiced up. So, get Job Crusher 2.0 as soon as you can.

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