Laos travel advice for girls

Many folks, together with children, drive and not using a license. If you do take to the road on two wheels, drive defensively, know the dangers and take a look at the bike totally earlier than you drive. The relative lack of prostitution in Laos, as compared with Thailand, has advantages for women travellers. While a Thai woman who needs to preserve a ‘proper’ picture usually will not associate with international males for fear of being perceived as a prostitute, in Laos this is not the case.

The Lao need to save face and should tell you one thing when they would really such as you to do something else. Generally speaking, Lao culture is straightforward going and very accepting. People have little problem with LGBTQ people or public intoxication, taking a ‘reside and let stay’ attitude. However, there are some issues that you must never do in Laos on your personal security, the preservation of the country and, finally, to respect the local individuals.


Make sure to go to the stunning café, it serves fantastic Lao food and drinks along with a free tea tasting. On the best way again from the waterfalls you’ll be able to stop off at the first Buffalo farm in Laos. Another must-see destination is the previous Royal Palace, now transformed into the National Museum of Luang Prabang.

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Lao is the language of the country, Laos, a neighbour to Thailand. There are about 25 million native speakers of Lao language, primarily living in Laos and Isan. It can also be recognised as a minority language in Thailand and Cambodia. This previous French colonial town turned a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 and nowadays it’s very popular with visitors to Laos.

Luang Prabang has a fantastic night time market

Here you see fascinating displays of the opulence of pre-Communist Laos. In more recent occasions, the Lao state-owned brewery’s Beerlao has turn out to be ubiquitous in Laos and is highly regarded by expatriates and residents alike. The Bangkok Post has described it as the Dom Perignon of Asian beers.

Discover some of the charming cities in the whole of Southeast Asia

The language spoken on this area of Thailand is Isan, which is principally a dialect of the Lao language but written using Thai alphabets. To get to Luang Prabang from Chiang Rai, Thailand we took a minivan to the Laos border and then a gradual boat from the city of Huay Xai, just across the border. The boat cruised down the Mekong River for 2 days, dropping us off simply exterior of Luang Prabang. You can read extra about our gradual boat journey here.

In some small, rural villages folks are inclined to take to the woods because of an absence of plumbing. On lengthy highway journeys this is also a perfectly acceptable method to relieve yourself, although keep in mind that many elements of Laos have UXO, so it’s not sensible to wade too far into the bush when the bus stops for a bathroom break.

Travel in the central and southern regions can be a little uncomfortable, and a top tip can be to combine southern Laos with the Bolaven Plateau, where the higher altitude provides respite from the recent climate. River ranges might be getting low right now of yr, making river travel in the north troublesome and somewhat unpleasant due to the haze created by the slash and burn season, which is in full swing.

So subsequent 12 months VN would be the focus of my trip (eight-10 weeks). For a 2 week trip Laos or Cambodia is an effective wager but as above I would suggest Laos as it’s still much less travelled than Cambodia and Vietnam, particularly off the usual Vientiane-Vang Vieng-Luang Prabang route. You actually wont have time to sensibly visit multiple of these countries. Visa necessities are a bit extra strict (you need to apply upfront) and don’t supply VOA like Cambodia and Laos.

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Lao customs rules restrict guests to 500 cigarettes and one litre of distilled alcohol per particular person upon entry, but in practice luggage are not often opened unless a suspiciously large amount of luggage is being brought in. A customs declaration type have to be crammed out together with the arrival form, however sometimes no person bothers to check that the knowledge is right.

Laos is a comparatively safe country for travellers, although sure areas stay off-limits due to unexploded ordnance left over from decades of warfare. As a customer, nevertheless, you’re an obvious goal for thieves (who may embody your fellow travellers), so do take necessary precautions. Public shows of affection – even just hugging – are thought of tasteless by the Lao and is more likely to cause offence. Though the homosexual scene stays very underground in Laos, gay travellers are unlikely to be threatened or hassled. Sexual relations between an unmarried Lao nationwide and a Westerner are officially illegal in Laos – in Vientiane especially, the regulation prohibiting Lao nationals from sharing hotel rooms with foreigners is sometimes enforced.

“Laos agrees to voluntary repatriation of refugees in Thailand”, U.P.I., 5 June 1991. Marwick, Ben; Bouasisengpaseuth, Bounheung (2017). In Habu, Junko; Lape, Peter; Olsen, John (eds.). Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology.

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Laos Weather Averages (Temperatures)

At this time of year the nation comes to life, with waterfalls beginning to flow once more and the luxurious surroundings attracting quite a lot of wildlife. The small, landlocked country of Laos is finest visited between October and April, when the climate’s heat and dry all through.

By figuring out which country is costlier, you may perceive the place you will get extra bang for your buck. A week in Laos can cost you about $198 (per person), while a week in Cambodia might price you around $249.

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