Lawyer Malpractice Insurance Policies

Lawyer malpractice insurance is necessary for all lawyers. Any lawyer may be sued for legal malpractice, which is when the lawyer doesn’t provide adequate advice or doesn’t perform as well as expected in the courtroom. You must buy lawyer malpractice insurance as well as liability insurance whenever you start working at a law firm to protect both them and yourself from the financial burden of lawsuits. You should ensure that the company you are purchasing insurance from is the best one for you as your insurance will not only protect you from getting sued, but will also give you advice.


A claimant must provide prove of multiple things in order to win in a legal battle or lawsuit. There must be an established relationship between the lawyer and plaintiff, must be clear disregard and inattention in representing the client, that the damage caused to the client was an immediate result of the lawyer’s carelessness, and there must be proof of damage and its severity to the client in order for the client to win the lawsuit. Each state has different laws for characterizing and recognizing malpractice, so some variations in the requirements may occur.

It is in your best interest to shop around with different insurance agencies, and get different quotes to find the best policy for you. The insurance agency looks at many different factors in determining the premium for a policy. They consider what field the law firm practices in, what rules and regulations the law firm runs by, how much experience and training the lawyers at the firm received, and the history of claims reported by the firm, as well as their previous insurance history.

Lawyer malpractice insurance agencies are licensed by designated authorities in the state coverage is provided. For your own safety, you may want to contact your state’s agency for regulating insurance prior to purchasing a policy to authenticate the company you will be purchasing from. This will indicate their reputation and how well they comply with regulations. Depending on the policy you intend to buy, you may need a broker to get the policy. Your main goal is to find a policy that will provide you with the coverage you need, while still being affordable.

While there may be some restrictions on it, you can also buy malpractice insurance for part time lawyers. Make certain in this case that you understand the restrictions so you aren’t put in a bad position later on. To repeat, your biggest goal is to get a policy that is right for you. Your career is precious and you do not want to lose it simply for skipping out on quality coverage. Lawyer malpractice insurance is the most important thing for any lawyer to keep your financial assets and career secure.

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