Learn To Remote View; Alternative Universes

A remote view occurs when something is seen while in a remote and distant location, and involves many faceted subjects. Actual viewing, on the other hand, takes place when something is viewed when you are actually at the location and see it as it is happening.

It seems that nobody really understands exactly how or why remote viewing is accomplished so there is some controversy surrounding the subject. Moreover, there have been a variety of remote viewing studies that have a record of accomplishment when it comes to producing results.

But it must be added, that remote viewing acts so well that there are various governments in this world who have used it as a security tool – a technique in order to spy remotely on enemy lines and their activities.

Most of these governments dropped the programs out of concern that the techniques could be used against as well as in their interests, with the relevant documents having been declassified since. These documents, in fact have led to an interest in the ability to remote view amongst the general public.

How Can You Remote View?

You can learn to remote view by using your potential for powerful extrasensory perception senses.

It is very much like practicing astral projection, since you never have to be in the same location physically as that which you are remotely viewing, while you are viewing it.

Thus, if you can remote view, you can go anywhere and see anything when you feel like it. You can view any place on this earth or see distant planets and space. You can also remotely view happening of the present as well as see events that had taken place in the past or will take place in future.

Everyone has the ability to remote view. However, there are some people have a special talent for natural remote viewing.

With others however, it may take time, patience and effort for other individuals to learn how to remote view. Being able to focus your concentration is important while you are remote viewing, although, it may take some time and effort everyone has the ability to remote view.

Learning to remote view provided you with an entirely different perspective on the world around you.

You can train your mind to operate at a higher level with the vibrations of your thoughts when you learn how to remote view and then practice.

Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Ability to Remote View

While developing your remote viewing ability, you can take advantage of an assortment of methods and techniques available to you right now. However, first you must learn to quiet your mind. Then you will focus your concentration on the location, individual or object that you desire to view. You can do this even if you are not in the same general location.

You can learn how to develop your remote viewing talents by keeping an open mind, while you develop your other extrasensory perception powers.

A good idea would be to learn the techniques of visualization and meditation because these work the best in developing your hidden psychic abilities. You can do these from the comfort of your home by using various products or take an appointment with an expert in the field in order to receive guidance on this front.

For instance, a remote viewing journal is very resourceful.

With this you can track your progression of remote viewing. Without having to actually be, in any particular area, you can remote view any place or scene you desire to see.

Get in the habit of requesting that you learn the answer to some question before going to sleep. Keep your journal handy so you can record the answer that is received. Keep in mind that these practice sessions should be done at a time when you will not be disturbed.

You can enhance your natural skills and talents by using a popular exercise to learn how to remote view. Hold a picture or drawing in your hands, face down where you cannot see the picture. Then ask yourself to see the picture. It is that simple.

Keep in mind that this takes practice, so be patient and refer to your journal – this will help you identify what works for you and what does not. Build on your areas of strength and stick with your practice.

There are a lot of excellent resources available to you as you learn to remote view. You’ll need to be committed to developing your abilities, but learning what is essentially a new sense takes time and is well worth the effort. You’ll be able to see and relate to the universe in a whole new way!

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